Saturday, February 12, 2011


i want this george orwell quote on a t-shirt.

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


new year, new template.

90s fantastic

as you may have noticed, i've started a new blog next to this one. it's called 90s geeks - surviving in the future, and it's a music and culture blog. sergio jumped on the train and is also contributing material, which is awesome. please check it out. and if you feel you've got something to contribute, let me know and i'll let you get on board. thanks!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

so this is the new year

happy 2011.

i wasn't at a party. i didn't have champagne. i didn't promise anybody anything. it wasn't the best night of the year. i hardly even stayed up until midnight. (well, i did, but i watched the fireworks in my undies in front of my bedroom window, escaping back to the warm covers after a few minutes when i got bored and cold.)

and i don't feel any different.

Friday, December 3, 2010

the record collection mixtapes pt 3

when i started this project back in march i knew it would be a somewhat neglected project, cos let's face it, i'm a bad blogger. i'm the kind of blogger that would never ever have any readers had it not been for rss feeds. i'm lazy, yes, but more than that i'm always having a hard time getting things out of my brain and onto paper, or onto screen as it is. i'm just not very prolific. i do have my moments, but mostly, i just can't seem to get much out of me.

that, and the fact that i don't really have the time.

so, 9 months after the last post in this series, here's the next. it's time for an album by one of my favorite bands, alice in chains. there's 5 of them in my collection and at first i thought i'd write a 5 times alice in chains post, but then 9 months went passed so that was probably a bad idea. thinking small here.

the album is facelift from 1990 and it's a good one over-all. not my favorite alice in chains album, but still one i've listened to a bit. the things i really love about the band isn't quite there yet on this album. the darker feel and the slightly heavier and slower sound that came with later productions. it's there a little, you can hear it on the song "confusion" and it's lurking behind a few of the other songs. what the album does have is layne staley and his fantastic voice and intensity. and lyrics. (and drug abuse, but that's another story.)

although alice in chains really is more of a heavy metal band than a grunge band - just listen to the intro guitar to "we die young", the opening track on this album, or to the fact that they have a lot of guitar solos - they're often bundled together with nirvana, soundgarden, pearl jam and the likes, which i guess has more to do with the fact that they were playing in seattle in the same time-period than their sound. not that i mind, i'm a big fan of grunge music, i just think it's a bit misleading.

"we die young" is, as mentioned, quite heavy metaly, as is "put you down" and "real thing". "man in the box" was the hit single of the album which i'm not sure as to why, i don't think it's their strongest. "bleed the freak" and "i can't remember" are much stronger and better songs. "i know something (about you)" is flirting with funk with a quite catchy result.

as for picking a track on this album. i'm torn. i want to pick "confusion" cos it sounds like the alice in chains i love and it's such a cheery little song;

i want to set you free, recognize my disease
love, sex, pain, confusion, suffering
you're there crying, i feel not a thing
drilling my way deeper in you head
sinking, draining, drowning, bleeding, dead

i also want to pick "it ain't like that" for the same reasons. at the same time, there's so much more to come of that alice in chains that it feels unfair not to pick a song more representative of facelife. so i'm picking "love, hate, love", a dark suggestive song riddled with dysfunction, so often a theme in layne staley's lyrics.


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Monday, November 1, 2010

sexism on the internet

i found this comic on facebook through bitch magazine. i don't know who writer/drawer gabby is, but this comic is the most awesome one i've seen! i love it. it's so true.

i tried different ways to post it here, but either it took over the entire page or it wasn't readable, so you'll just have to trust me and click the link. please click the link!

link (this is where i found it).

update: aaaaand, some context.

Monday, August 30, 2010


listen to this awesome song by dundun, a band i know nothing about other than some of its members make great music under their own or other names as well. here's a myspace page. listen especially if you like shoegazers :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

the affair

the second album of project the record collection mixtapes is new york city's the affair's yes yes to you from 2006.

i like the sound, a kind of 70s-early 80s punk new wave sound but with modern pop added to the mix. the synthesizer is a killer and singer kali holloway's voice is great, sometimes very sweet and pop and sometimes edgy and punk. here and there the affair remind me of contemporaneous the eames era, and a few times i can hear siouxsie sioux lurking behind holloway's voice. the songs however tend to float into each other and become indistinguishable. it took me several listenings before a few tracks stood out enough to be identified.

even if it's the one track here that sets itself apart from the rest the most, i have to pick "Andy". it's a really sweet and catchy song with lots of the awesome synthesizer and it almost seems like it's coming from decades lost.

also, an honorary mention of the song "the chase", a lovely punk number at just under 2 minutes.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

new project part 1

so, i guess i feel like i don't have enough to do; between being a mother, writing my thesis, selling the apartment, moving to a house and all the rest of life's lovely assignments; that i need a new project of some sorts. well, here it is.

i'm going to go through my record collection, record by record, write a few lines about each one and, most importantly, pick one song off of every record to be collected in a sort of record collection mixtape.

what do you think of that?

my record collection is very dear to me but otherwise not particularly impressive; it's just a bunch of records i like. there are no rarities (i think), very few singles even by artists i really like and no complete discographies (except maybe if joy division's heart and soul box counts). if you want to take a look it's here on but impressive or not, it currently holds 625 titles (not counting the dvds, cos madonna's in bed with madonna isn't really a record now is it) so this project will take some time. if you're somewhat familiar with math you'll realize, as i just did, that even if i write about one record a day - which i, for the record, WON'T - it'll take a bit shy of two years to complete, and it's not like i won't buy more records during the process. so, phew.

Though, i've decided, the few singles i DO have won't be included unless they contain some really good song, cos seriously, what's the point in choosing one song out of two, or worse, three remixes of the same song?

so there are the ground rules. maybe if you're nice, you can get a copy of the mixtapes (on cd) along the way. i'll also probably start a playlist on spotify called my record collection mixtape and share with whoever wants it, but given the big gaps in spotify's selection, it will probably be far from complete.

now, for part 1 of this, the record collection mixtapes, the first title. Bigger, Better, Faster, More! by 4 Non Blondes.

look how pretty they are!

i bought this record used for 15 sek (that about $2 at the current rate), i know this cos it still has the price-tag left, and it's dusty too! mental note; need to clean or change plastic thing. so, i really didn't consider it before buying, more than that i really like their early 90s hit single "What's Up" (which is actually a clearly feminist song, something i didn't realize until years after the fact, but is really cool considering what a big hit it was), which in itself was worth the 15 sek. i really like linda perry too, the awesome singer who at the time wore ridiculously large hats. the 90's was a strange place. (what an awesome timing, too, since perry has co-written a lot of material to hole's coming album that i wrote about the other day.)

it's an okay record, some good songs and some not so good ones. the sound, albeit very early 90s sounding (think metal-grunge, red hot chili peppers funk and radio music like the spin doctors), varies a bit. there's the funky "No place like home", the bluesy "Pleasantly blue", the soundgardeny/alice in chainsy "Calling all the people" and lots of Perry's signature "What's Up?" yells. i can't help but pick the obvious song here, but i am sorry that i never really listened to the album until now. this is already turning out to be a great project. i think i'm gonna have to check out Perry's solo albums soon.

the chosen song, of course, being "What's Up?".

now i need to tidy this text up a bit and cross-post it on pretending to be japanese, cos the boss wants CAPS!

EDIT: here's the video.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

nobody's daughter

i just wrote a post over at pretending to be japanese about the new album hole is releasing soon. i know!


crazy. so go here and read it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

joy division

i saw a great hour and a half long documentary on joy division from 2007 the other day. it's called "joy division", plain and simple, a hudson production. it's available on (here) til 11 march, so click and watch it before it's too late! the story is told largely with archive footage alongside interviews with band members, people around the band and old friends. it also tells a part of the history of manchester the city and of punk rock in the u.k. at that time.

don't miss it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

kathleen hanna tv

this clip with an interview of kathleen hanna (via her blog) actually made me shed a tear or two at one point. you have to guess where yourself. watch it! it's great, and kathleen hanna is great!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

girl power soundtrack

i have no idea if this is gonna work, but i put together a little playlist on spotify for you, that goes together with my previous post. (you have to have a spotify account to listen to it.) click the image. here goes nothing.

spotify's selection isn't the greatest so this playlist lacks essential songs, but short of burning you a mixed cd, it's the best i can do. enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

girl power

reading the krs mail order freaks* blog i stumbled upon this book i really want to read, "girl power - the nineties revolution in music" by marisa meltzer [amazon here, adlibris here]. the aforementioned blog linked to a review of said book by a very young american fashion blogger (who, after doing a little digging i found out, seems to have made a little stir in the fashion world by, i guess, being young, which seemed fun. or maybe not. i mean, why do fashion people care so much? but that's a whole different story and doesn't really have anything to do with this book or it being reviewed. i digress.). this review made me so happy! how wonderful to be a 13-year-old girl and discover so much great music and so many awesome women at the same time! she writes

For me, personally? The book was seriously eye-opening. Despite my having not listened to a vast majority of the music mentioned in the book, I was frowny-sad-face upon reading about how Riot Grrrl faded.. /../ Never before had I felt that feminism was something I could be so much a part of. It sounds like I'm talking about being part of the Riot Grrrl movement itself, but really, just the history of it, and the fact that it even existed, makes me very excited, and proud, to be a girl, and to be who I am.
that last part makes me so happy, i cannot tell you. cos it's a fucking harsh reality now for girls growing up. despite progress and enlightenment in various arenas, such as equality, since i grew up, there's still so much ugliness and, i think, more ugliness than before because of the misuse of technology and the shallowness of all things. very few of my peers growing up even had the words plastic surgery in their vocabulary. so there you go. moving on.

i, of course, want to read this book purely out of nostalgic reasons. well, almost purely. i also want to read it and go "i knew that. i knew that. i had that t-shirt, i bought that cd in '95" and so on. to boost my ego a bit, but mostly to be nostalgic. i still do discover things here and there about my beloved decade of the past, this is true, but when it comes to women musicians in the indie rock scene of the 1990s, most of them are in my brain already. and, considering what tobi vail** herself said about this book in her review, i doubt there will be much to discover. i choose to stay somewhat shallow here - my and my geekiness - even though tobi makes great points in her review about the writing of history/herstory and how awkward it is to her because she was in the middle of it and also how it can become so focused on the consumer part and not on the activist part. just go read it yourself!

the krs blog also linked to flavorwire where author marisa meltzer, because of the release of her book, had been asked to list 10 essential female artists of the 90s, and i must say, i'm really pleased at what she listed. veruca salt, that dog., juliana hatfield [yeah!], elastica, breeders, hole, liz phair [hell yeah!], sleater-kinney, kim gordon and bikini kill. all excellent choices in my book. there was some nagging in the comments about why L7 wasn't on it, and why liz phair was, and where the hell is p.j. harvey and tori amos, OMG WHERE IS TORI AMOS, and so on. i'm sorry, but chill out! this is one person's opinion and clearly other people will think differently. there is no such thing as the truth.

that being said, i must defend her addition of veruca salt and liz phair. it's suggested that if liz phair is in it then jewel or tracy bonham might as well be in it. clearly this person hasn't paid much attention to liz's early work. actually i'm going to quote our friend the fashion blogger here, cos even she gets it;
At the same time, reading about Liz Phair's lyrics and behavior also surprised me, as the songs I hear now that are so blatantly and graphicly about sex are sung by men, and women have to keep quiet
liz's exile in guyville is essential listening if there ever was such a thing! [read this.] as for veruca salt, in hindsight they've proven not very influential and sort of strangely became viewed as a one- or two-hit-wonder depending on who you're asking ["seether" and/or "vulcano girls"]. for me, listening to them early on, they just struck me from the beginning as being really great, and i'm sure many others agree. i'd hate to sound important, but everybody that was into indie rock at the time knew the words to "seether". when hole hosted 120 minutes in '95 they played veruca salt's "number one blind" and i fell in love right there, recording it onto tape from the speakers on the tv (hey, that's how we did it in the 90s!) and then buying their debut and loving it. i still listen to veruca salt. besides, marisa herself defends her addition by saying
Is it okay to love a band just for one song? I think when you make a song as perfect for karaoke as “Seether,” it totally is.
so, i ordered the book and if you're lucky i'll tell you what i think after i've read it.

wow. this post got so much longer than i thought it would.


EDIT: oh, yeah, i forgot. i loved what marisa said about liz phair on the list;
She sang, “Every time I see your face/ I get all wet between my legs,” and all the girls were like, “FINALLY!”

that settles it.

* krs = kill rock stars, awesome record label that's been around since the early 90's that carries a lot of great indie and favors feminist and queer artists. has released a lot of riot grrl stuff.

** tobi vail is an awesome woman, musician, feminist and activist who's been in deep with the riot grrl movement and all that great stuff that happened in and around olympia in the late 80s that became so influential for the 90s indie rock. she was in the go team and in bikini kill. read more about her here and here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

five months

my baby is five months old (yay!) and his favorite things to do are holding his feet, chewing on his pacifier, drooling, attempting to turn over from back to front and, most importantly, put everything in his mouth. he's been unusually cranky lately, so we're suspecting there's teeth coming. we'll see.

must. have. SOCK!