Friday, August 31, 2007

sugar and bananas

the other day i baked. go me.

the lorelais

it's not fair. it's bad enough that i woke up this morning with violent loud machines in my head and that i've caught a cold just when i've had a major fight with some of my students so i couldn't be at work to sort it out. now it's taking forever to download the middle part of season 2 of the gilmore girls! who's cranky?

i wanna be lorelai. no, i am lorelai. without the attachment disorder. and without the teenage daughter (but really i have a similar relationship with my sister, you know, the one where the one part is crazy and the other is trying to get her back to reality; that would be me and her, in that order) and the dysfunctional parents. yeah, you get the picture. i totally got the coffee addiction though. and i would so much want a close friend to run a diner so they could serve me fresh coffee all the time.

but i guess that if i were her, i would've already gotten it on with luke like years ago. guess that's why she's fictional and has her own tv-series and i'm just stuck on my couch with nothing better to do.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

goodbye kitty

i'm not morbid. no, really, i'm not, i'm really a nice person. really! i just can't help myself when it comes to david and goliath/stupid factory. even thinking about kitty in a blender makes me giggle.

all it took was a friend of mine giving me a stupid factory key chain saying "boys are stupid throw rocks at them" and i was hooked. now i totally want all of them, the posters, the buttons, the tees, the magnets, the snow globes! especially these!

i wonder if this fucks up my karma.


there are actually a few things that i am kind of proud of in my life. one is that i can be very productive, when i really want to. unfortunately i tend to forget that. yesterday i went to the gym for the third time in seven days (yay!). after that i also thoroughly cleaned the bathroom and ripped down the wallpaper (what kind of idiot puts wallpaper in a bathroom!). then i vacuumed the whole apartment and made dinner. after dinner we started watching a movie but before we could finish i had to pause to bake a bake cos i still had energy left.

today me and my sister rode our bikes to ikea (about 15 minutes in each direction) to buy like 2 things each (ok, it ended up being a little more, as always with ikea) and have coffee.

then when i got back (after also picking up groceries on our way back, ending up swaying with my bike all the way back) and read the newspaper i got annoyed by an article and decided to write a letter about it.

why didn't i just drag my ass to the gym much earlier?