Tuesday, August 7, 2007


there are actually a few things that i am kind of proud of in my life. one is that i can be very productive, when i really want to. unfortunately i tend to forget that. yesterday i went to the gym for the third time in seven days (yay!). after that i also thoroughly cleaned the bathroom and ripped down the wallpaper (what kind of idiot puts wallpaper in a bathroom!). then i vacuumed the whole apartment and made dinner. after dinner we started watching a movie but before we could finish i had to pause to bake a bake cos i still had energy left.

today me and my sister rode our bikes to ikea (about 15 minutes in each direction) to buy like 2 things each (ok, it ended up being a little more, as always with ikea) and have coffee.

then when i got back (after also picking up groceries on our way back, ending up swaying with my bike all the way back) and read the newspaper i got annoyed by an article and decided to write a letter about it.

why didn't i just drag my ass to the gym much earlier?


Sarahbellum said...

I pretty much NEED those earrings.

jenny said...

i'll ask her where she got them and see if i can relieve your suffering :)

Sarahbellum said...


Dave said...

gym? what's a gym?

oh, a gym!