Saturday, November 29, 2008

more fast talking fantastic!

a belated birthday present was given to me today. it was fantastic! the fourth season gilmore girls dvd! this birthday season has totally rocked! i should turn 30 more often.

Friday, November 28, 2008


jocelyn explains the problem with the mountain goats over at the 405. give her the attention she deserves!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


after seeing the new trailer for the next star trek movie (in theaters in may next year) i want nothing more than rant about how the trailer just screams ACTION MOVIE! and seems to have only character names and the fact that they're in space in common with the world of star trek. gahh! star trek isn't action! it isn't star wars dammit! it isn't the rebels fighting the empire, it's the federation exploring and handling diplomacy! i'm so annoyed. has j.j. adams even seen star trek?

i really really hope it's just the trailer trying to lure non-trekkies to see it as well but if not? then i'll hate j.j. adams forever.

first snow of the season

waiting for the bus

it's everywhere!


Friday, November 21, 2008

the 30

oh yes, i totally forgot to mention that i turned 30 last week. i was too wrapped up in all the attention and presents i got. it was a great birthday!

though i must ask, what is the fuss all about?

ups and downs

first i was happy, cos i snowed! and i do love snow, even though it gets extremely wet and sticky in this part of the country. my love for snow is firm and i'll never be like lorelai who first loved snow for season after season and then all of a sudden started hating it cos it fell on her car. no, never, not me. i'll always love snow.

then i was more happy cos i met my friend susanna and after coffee and chocolate cake we went to the mall and i found a pretty pretty dress that i liked and she bought it for me as a birthday present! (note: coffee + chocolate cake + presents = happy jenny)

then i got depressed cos i found that have the gilmore girls dvds for $15 a season which is awesomely cheap! but, see i have no money right now and even if i had i'm prohibited to buy anything for myself before christmas. that's what my sister says and who am i to argue with her? (besides i already cheated cos i ordered the season 3 dvd of battlestar galactica the other day. oops.)

i'm gonna go try on my new dress now, eat chocolate and forget about this last part.

math humor

andreas shared this with me, stolen from here. i love it.

An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar. The first one orders a beer. The second orders half a beer. The third, a quarter of a beer. The bartender says "You're all idiots", and pours two beers.


yesterday on the train back home from work the guy next to me was reading 1984 and i just wanted to hug him and tell him he was reading one of my favorite books of all time, but i didn't. i hope he knows anyway.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a wish and jesus

thanks to madeleine i have found a new music crush. gregory and the hawk. this is the song a wish. listen to this and tell me it isn't good!

however something bugs me with this particular song. it sounds a lot like something that i've heard before, and potentially like, but i can't remember what! please tell me if you think of it.

on another note i had an idea about composing a mixed tape of songs about jesus. it's not as holy as it might sound, considering that the song that made me think of it is a perfect circle's judith. it doesn't really favor the guy, so to speak. i guess the idea is how jesus comes up in lyrics by bands and artists i like and listen to. sounds pretentious? so far i'm thinking that song, neutral milk hotel's the king of carrot flowers pt. 2, iron and wine's jesus the mexican boy, jesus and mary chain's stardust remedy and rosie thomas' much farther to go. what do you think?

here's judith. god, i love this song. love the album, love the singer, love the lyrics. love the video! it looks great, and i love how you can never really see their faces. yay for rock n rollers who're not obsessed with their own looks.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

my time in america pt 1

as a good story always begins, with the journey there.

when i arrived at copenhagen airport at 7am that tuesday i had already been up for about two hours. after queuing for a bit i was informed at check-in that my flight was 2 hours late and because of that i had to be re-booked on my connections. said and done. instead of continuing from newark (new jersey, for those of you unfamiliar with u.s. geography) to cincinnati (ohio) i was to go to houston (texas), and then to salt lake city (utah). no problem.

the flight to newark was not full so i had some much appreciated space, even though it was coach. and because dave the considerate had pre-ordered my meals to be vegetarian, the food was great; fresh fruit, actual tastes and no chips.

we came in over the u.s. through northwest canada; newfoundland and there, and continued down towards new jersey through a beautiful autumn colored new england. it was amazingly beautiful! i couldn't stop looking out the window for the entire time from coming in over land to landing in newark. luckily i didn't already had pain in my neck from sleeping on the plane, thanks in large part to the neck pillow i brought, so i could thoroughly enjoy the view.

after getting through customs at newark - i swear the man flirted with me! - i bummed around the airport a few hours with my two old swedish lady friends i got before i boarded in copenhagen, whom i also helped translate the important pieces. here was my first u.s. starbucks experience. weak.

after boarding my flight to houston, it sat for an hour on the runway before taking off, and i quickly realized i wouldn't make my connection to salt lake. but since there was nothing i could do about it, i enjoyed the flight. the view over night time usa is sometimes spectacular. i was seated next to an american couple with a baby who was only temporarily in the states and normally lived in egypt. her teaching english, him working for some christian foundation-something. they had an interesting perspective on everything; living as white american christian minority in such a historically rich country had given them experiences out of the ordinary, at least for me and i would guess, most americans.

arriving in houston i missed my connection by 15 minutes. i was handed a new boarding pass for the next morning (12 hours later), a meal voucher and the message that because of some hurricane or other there was not a vacant room in the entire city of houston so i would have to make do with what i could find to sleep on at the airport. i had already been on the road (so to speak) for over 20 hours.

about 5 am or so at the airport in houston. this is what a sleep deprived jenny looks like..

a mostly sleepless night later it was wednesday and i finally boarded my flight to salt lake city in the morning and arrived at noon. sweet relief! i was so happy to have arrived. dave and me went to chilis where i had a delicious black bean burger, and then home to his place and my room for the coming fortnight. i said good day to the world and fell asleep.

one hungry jenny and one delicious black bean burger

it took about 40 hours to get from my front door to dave's. my adventure sure started off with an adventure.