Friday, November 21, 2008

ups and downs

first i was happy, cos i snowed! and i do love snow, even though it gets extremely wet and sticky in this part of the country. my love for snow is firm and i'll never be like lorelai who first loved snow for season after season and then all of a sudden started hating it cos it fell on her car. no, never, not me. i'll always love snow.

then i was more happy cos i met my friend susanna and after coffee and chocolate cake we went to the mall and i found a pretty pretty dress that i liked and she bought it for me as a birthday present! (note: coffee + chocolate cake + presents = happy jenny)

then i got depressed cos i found that have the gilmore girls dvds for $15 a season which is awesomely cheap! but, see i have no money right now and even if i had i'm prohibited to buy anything for myself before christmas. that's what my sister says and who am i to argue with her? (besides i already cheated cos i ordered the season 3 dvd of battlestar galactica the other day. oops.)

i'm gonna go try on my new dress now, eat chocolate and forget about this last part.

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