Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a wish and jesus

thanks to madeleine i have found a new music crush. gregory and the hawk. this is the song a wish. listen to this and tell me it isn't good!

however something bugs me with this particular song. it sounds a lot like something that i've heard before, and potentially like, but i can't remember what! please tell me if you think of it.

on another note i had an idea about composing a mixed tape of songs about jesus. it's not as holy as it might sound, considering that the song that made me think of it is a perfect circle's judith. it doesn't really favor the guy, so to speak. i guess the idea is how jesus comes up in lyrics by bands and artists i like and listen to. sounds pretentious? so far i'm thinking that song, neutral milk hotel's the king of carrot flowers pt. 2, iron and wine's jesus the mexican boy, jesus and mary chain's stardust remedy and rosie thomas' much farther to go. what do you think?

here's judith. god, i love this song. love the album, love the singer, love the lyrics. love the video! it looks great, and i love how you can never really see their faces. yay for rock n rollers who're not obsessed with their own looks.


sergio said...

(can't really help you for the "what gregory & the Hawk remind me of" poll)

I love A Perfect Circle, love that song (can't say anything about the lyrics: my English is not good enough to get them only by listening to the song), love that mesmerizing earthquake-ish video.
and I love Paz: one of the (few) reasons that pushed me to try and find some interest in the Zwan project.

jenny said...

you must google and read the lyrics! they are awesome!

yeah, well, trying didn't really help with zwan did it?