Friday, March 12, 2010

the affair

the second album of project the record collection mixtapes is new york city's the affair's yes yes to you from 2006.

i like the sound, a kind of 70s-early 80s punk new wave sound but with modern pop added to the mix. the synthesizer is a killer and singer kali holloway's voice is great, sometimes very sweet and pop and sometimes edgy and punk. here and there the affair remind me of contemporaneous the eames era, and a few times i can hear siouxsie sioux lurking behind holloway's voice. the songs however tend to float into each other and become indistinguishable. it took me several listenings before a few tracks stood out enough to be identified.

even if it's the one track here that sets itself apart from the rest the most, i have to pick "Andy". it's a really sweet and catchy song with lots of the awesome synthesizer and it almost seems like it's coming from decades lost.

also, an honorary mention of the song "the chase", a lovely punk number at just under 2 minutes.

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Ondtomten said...

ge mig!

em said...

Är det okej om jag länkar till dig på min blogg? :)

jenny said...

em: absolut, det får du gärna göra :)