Tuesday, October 23, 2007

there are things i really love about the internet, things that makes me wonder, seriously, what we did before we used the internet for it. such as

* finding new music - how did we do it? read every music magazine, talked to clerks in record stores (we're not all so lucky as to have a high fidelity type record store in town..), made sure to have cool friends, .. sounds to me like hard work! much too hard for a misunderstood music lover..

* finding out lyrics that was annoyingly enough not printed out! - ooh, i hated this, all the trying to hear what they sung. how embarrassing do you think it got for a second language english speaker like myself? i'd rather not say..

* keeping track of friends - and actually avoiding talking to them at the same time! the unsocial has become the new social.

* buying crap you could never get your hands on before - cheaper cds, clothes, books not distributed in this far away country of ours, .. stuff!

* tests - as in the one i just posted. i shiver thinking of a world without stupid online tests!

but most of all; the endless hours, time you can't give any account of, spent doing.. something; clicking, reading, scrolling, testing, re-reading, lurking.. what on earth did we do with that time before we had the internet?


Dave said...

not to mention being able to find out the songs based off of a lyric or two. i can't tell you how many times i've heard a song somewhere that i didn't know the title or artist. but write down a line of lyrics, pop it into google and presto-chango, you have your song.

(with one glaring exception, of course: i still haven't figured out the song i heard in some seedy casino in wendover, nevada about eight years ago. it still bugs me to this day.)

sergio said...

I toootally agree with you.
and I don't feel nostalgia for the "old good times".
I swear I sometimes find myself wondering what if I had had internet when I was 16, 17.
(I could write about it for hours; it's a subject I spend a lot of time pondering on)