Saturday, September 8, 2007

cake and television

the birthday cake was a success! nice craftsmanship. i'm quite proud of it. sister lent a helping hand with the roll out of the marzipan. it was a bitch, let me tell you. but it turned out beautifully and tasted just right too.

now i have to wait 2 months for my own birthday cake. i hate waiting.

Re television addiction; like i wrote the other day, i had a chat with the principal, what with the crying and everything, and when we talked she mentioned giving the kids an assignment to watch something on television and write about it and so i said that i don't know what's on anymore since i don't have a television and she wondered why. i told her what is true, that i can't be trusted with tvs, that i tend to turn them on and get temporally lost. and then i took full credit for her praise about me being strong-minded and daring for not just talking about getting rid of my tv but actually doing it. it's nice to know that my boss finds me extraordinary.

of course i didn't tell her that i download a whole lot of tv-series that, really, apart from being a conscious choice, have the same effect on me. but hey, not even jesus told people all his secrets, right?

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