Sunday, May 10, 2009

counting weeks

i just had a thought. teachers and pregnant women must be the only ones actually seeing, and counting, time in weeks. as opposed, i guess, to days and months. need i more proof than the fact that i, the teacher, am the only one amongst my friends who always know which week it is? (it's the end of week 19 for those interested.)

now, being as it is that i'm currently both - a teacher and a pregnant woman that is - i realized i also have two counts going. one; that it's only 5½ weeks left until my lovely and long summer break, and two; that i tomorrow enter week 24 in this strange and mythical 40-week journey called pregnancy.

these are interesting times.


Sarah Bellum said...

DUDE! Congrats.

jenny said...

thanks :)

sergio said...

I'm speechless.
I'm truly happy for you. really.
can't believe it!
(I'm really happy. pure bliss. I can't tell why. congrats!! ohmyohmyohmy!)