Monday, March 24, 2008

can i keep this pen?

northern state is rocking my world right now! i almost saw them last week when they opened for tegan & sara (silly silly to show up late to only catch 2 of their songs, but little did i know..) and since then i've listened to their new album a lot! it totally rocks, or whatever hip hop does. :) it has a definite le tigre-vibe to it but style wise it's hip hop. white feminist hip hop from nyc. if that makes any sense. i guess the beastie boys reference i've seen around isn't completely off. (also, apparently, some beastie has been working with the girls on their album)

either way i love it! and i'm really not big on hip hop, so give it a chance if you haven't heard it yet. they had this fine tune on youtube - girl for all seasons off of album all city, see below - and it's awesome. a bit more produced than the new album and it has some metal riff going, but awesome lyrics and.. well. just watch it. :)

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