Tuesday, March 11, 2008

winona love

so, winona ryder is engaged to blake sennett? awesome. great musician - i love rilo kiley so much - with great winona.

i like winona. i really do. i know the press tries to make fun of her for one thing or the other, and she's done some not-so-good things, but in her shoes, who wouldn't? i like her. some of the roles she's done are just awesome - reality bites, alien 4, girl interrupted, edward scissorhands, american quilt.. oh! and she's listed in the coming star trek movie (2009)! also, she's obviously got great taste, i mean, come on. johnny depp? yes please.


Dave said...

i'm not sure that "awesome" and "alien 4" belong in the same sentence.

jenny said...

well. i am :)

Biotika said...

Her little shop lifting habit only makes her seem all the more charming... =)