Wednesday, March 19, 2008

give it your best shot

had a really good day monday, was in a good mood and made things happen, like, went grocery shopping despite snow chaos, vacuumed everywhere, did laundry. it was crazy. but good crazy! i prepared for yesterday morning when i was having two friends from work over for brunch because of the easter break we're having this week. all in all, i was happy.

then yesterday the world decided to fuck me over.

said brunch was good, i didn't fuck any of the food up, and while one of two guests didn't show, the one that did seemed to enjoy herself, and the food, but that was about the only good thing that happened. i woke up with an intense pain in my right thigh - stretched muscle? - and when i baked the bread i burned my thumb in the oven - good work! - and after a while my back started aching as well. in the afternoon i just felt over-run. feverish, annoyed, tired.

today i woke up feeling ok. my leg still hurts but less and i remember having some good dreams, like the ones where you're NOT chased or doomed or going to die or being humiliated, but where you're being hugged and having a good time, or something like it (i never remember details of dreams, only feelings).

it did somewhat ease up yesterday evening. sandra came over and i managed to get myself to cook and it tasted fabulous, so at least my aching, sore and aging body can take pride in its cooking skills.

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madeleine said...

kul att du länkat mig! jag vet inte hur man länkar...måste lära mig det. isf länkar jag ju dej såklart;) hoppas du mår bättre. öl snart? kram