Friday, July 18, 2008


what's up with placing bargain bin on the floor? a sale at one of the local record stores (not the same as last time) had me crawling on the floor again, but like the cheap bastard i am, i'm happy to. especially when finding prizes like jason loewenstein, the organ and puffin, and magazine and label compilations with great songs (i especially like this one). all in all 15 cds for 215 kr. that's like a cd and a half regular price. good work.

i hadn't heard jason loewenstein's record before (at sixes and sevens) but as you know i love sebadoh so how bad could it be? it wasn't, it turned out, in fact it's really good! you can totally hear that he's in sebadoh, but i wouldn't say his solo stuff is just like sebadoh, but familiar enough to make you feel at home and cosy.

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