Wednesday, July 9, 2008

hello rain

i'm back from beautiful france, rested and happier. also with a crappy stomach; seriously, how do they survive eating all that white bread and french cheese? i do love it, baguettes with brie or camembert, but when i got back my stomach was like, fibers! fibers! dark bread! oatmeal! i can't object.

it's amazing how much catch up one has to do after just two weeks. it takes forever too. possible cos i'm slower post-france than pre-france.

anyway. this is not the france-post, i'm too tired, this is the i made it home safe-post. a few notes:

i almost broke my pinkie when i was doing post-vacation laundry yesterday (incidental; i tripped on the stairs and tried to brace myself and hit my finger), however it survived a bit swollen but intact.

there was a postcard from armenia for me when i got back, from my awesome american friend dave, who's totally enabling all my obsessions and always helps me further my collections. he's also awesome enough to send the symbiosis (that's me, my lover and my sister) shoes, since they cost a fortune in this country. we love dave, he is our favorite enabler in the whole world.

while i've been gone, there has been a sort of video competition going on over at pretending to be japanese. it's sad to only be here for the aftermaths.

i saw cat power live yesterday! yay! she was awesome, so totally different from the other two times i've been her. sober (that helps), happy - like she was actually enjoying being on stage. it's a good change.

cat power at folkets park malmö june 7.

i've also read two novels that i'm dying to tell you about!

but now i really need to sleep.

oh! i almost forgot. you can pre-order juliana hatfields new album (due mid-august) now on her website, and there's a limited edition demo cd and some posters too. all the cool kids are doing it.


Dave said...

oh man, if you had stomach problems from eating french cheese and white bread, you're going to be in trouble when you come to the us! we're not exactly known for using quality ingredients here. wait until you see a kraft cheese slice! not to mention the twinkies (which anna should have received by now - care to check and see if she got them?) and other assorted processed foods!

jenny said...

i guess i'll have to take you grocery shopping in strange stores ;)