Thursday, July 10, 2008

foreign slippers

thanks to jocelyn over at pretending to be japanese, foreign slippers was brought to my attention; the song put on her myspace page, packed the car, is added to the collection indiecater volume 1 (jocelyn's review), and it's an awesome song! sort of a roadmovie song. a bit sad but a bit hopeful.

she's signed to izumi records and is to release her debut ep oh, death in the end of july. on the label's site there's another song you can listen to, i wish i was a fisherman, a bit of a piano ballad. she makes awfully pretty music and her voice is strong and sad.

i can't help thinking about the first time i heard ane brun (whose debut album spending time with morgan is so so good) when i listen to this, but i haven't listened to ane for a while so i'm not really sure if the comparison is fair or not. however, i really like what she seems to have going for her so i pre-ordered the ep, and we'll just have to see.

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