Monday, April 14, 2008

lovin poppy

originally written in february 2006 and posted on my old blog:

dear poppy z brite,

ever since i read drawing blood about ten years ago, i've considered you to be one of my favorite contemporary writers. i'm a slow reader, i probably average about 15 books a year, depending on what i'm doing for a living at the time, and i like to jump from writer to writer, which makes getting through an author's bibliography a long journey. i also, somehow, made a thing out of reading the rest of your books in order (published order i guess), which i haven't done (and the lazarus heart is still sitting on the shelf looking sad and abandon), but anyway, i just recently came to liquor.

i've read what you've written online about your "horror readers" being upset about your change of scenery and topics, and although i've always felt as if what i've liked about all your writing and your stories goes beyond the topics, i do indeed love them too, and admit i did have that genre thought in the back of my mind when i first started reading liquor.

but you proved me right. what i like about your writing absolutely goes beyond the topic. i loved liquor. the characters are brilliant, the story is interesting and believable, but mostly, the flow in your language and the way you write is just excellent! i could feel the excitement, i could smell the food and i just instinctively wanted to cook when i read it. just as i instinctively wanted to drink chartreuse (a decision i came to regret) and fuck trevor, years ago.

i'm convinced you could write a manual on how to clean a noisy machine in a factory and make it seem like the most interesting job on the planet.


update, written today:

dear poppy z,

i'm currently reading prime, and is about half way through. i just felt the need to once again bow my head to your excellent writing. i'm really sorry for even doubting your ability for a second!


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