Tuesday, April 8, 2008

quoting without context

i regularly read the i blame the patriarchy blog, as seen linked to the right. today i obviously stuck gold with a post from last week. i like this following part so much i simply have to quote it, but i'm far too tired to write something about it (the post i'm linking to, not the story behind it) myself, so, by all means, read it yourselves. you won't regret it, i promise.

That’s the thing about patriarchy. It does the defining, not you. That’s what makes it the dominant paradigm. You can abstain from sex, you can fuck your way across the universe, you can be a stone butch dyke with a utility belt, you can get your boobs amputated and your uterus ripped out, you can be sex-neutral in your own crackpot mind, you can be ugly or hawt, you can be the Democrats’ presidential nominee, you can even age out of desirability, but you will always be defined in terms of, and used according to, that which the dominant culture describes as your essence: sex. Or, as you are alternately defined: a receptacle for the perpetuation of male supremacy.

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