Wednesday, April 23, 2008

why i loved the 90s pt 2

i love this video - dirty boots by sonic youth - cos it has everything. awesome music, teenage love, 90s (anti-)fashion, live concert, boys with long hair. it just goes to show that wearing way too big a band t-shirts and having sloppy hair - that's so obvious in my teenage photos - was right on the money! it may not seem all that pretty through today's eyes, but it was then.

as it were, my parents didn't want to pay for extra tv channels back then so i only ever watched mtv at my friend's, but i did record a few 120 minutes and guide to alternative music (with toby!) and i watched them over and over at home. this video was on one of them so i must have seen it a hundred times. i fell in love with it from the beginning and as it usually is with sonic youth; there is no falling out of love with them.


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