Monday, December 1, 2008

always tired now

i can't really focus long enough to write anything substantial. i got a translated french novel from a friend that i started reading yesterday (original title Ensemble, c'est tout from 2005), by anna gavalda. (there's a movie too, but i haven't seen it.) so far i really like it but i sense a possible anxiety-ridden journey with this book. possibly mine. possibly camille's. there's something very french about it, and while it's seductive it's also neurotic. and i get so affected.

i've been really stressed lately, lots of headaches, stiff muscles and messy dreams, so maybe it's not the best of ideas. i want to get better, not worse. i had to put down paul auster's new york trilogy a few weeks ago cos it was so disturbing i got anxious just thinking about continuing reading it. it's brilliant but i'm way too unstable for it right now. i need to read something safe. maybe i should just re-read some of my less angsty favorites for a while. like hitchhiker's guide or something.


Andreas said...

Now, you're not telling how far you came into the novel, but I can assure you that when your past the intro, that is definetly angsty, it will get better. It's a wonderful novel.

jenny said...

well, when i wrote this, about 50 pages and now about 100, so i've already stated to notice that it's getting less angsty :)