Saturday, December 6, 2008

the baltic sea

there's a sweet song about sweden by swedish/scottish band the social services called "the baltic sea" that i found on indie-mp3. the song is downloadable there but also listenable on the social services myspace. listen to it!

a piece of the lyrics go
Oh Sweden, I’m sorry to say that you’re tedious sometimes / Your natural beauty is unsurpassed, your children are healthy and ruddy / Your recycling facilities are second to none / You’re an ethical peace loving nation.

and then that no one smiles at her on the underground on her way to work. welcome to sweden.


sergio said...

I wonder what they could write / sing about my hated / loved Italy:
"Oh, Italy, I'm sorry to say you are desperately disorganized, your trains are dirty, as well as your public toilets. I fell in love with your food & wine, but it doesn't mean I have to let any waiter unashamedly harass my girlfriend".
sort of.

jenny said...

awesome :D