Saturday, December 6, 2008


if you can't tell already, i'm going through my rss-feed and catching up on the posts on indie-mp3, and now i found yet another very interesting band i never heard before. norwegian maribel.

It's a sleazy slab of noisepop - coming on like The Jesus and Mary Chain rucking with The Cramps whilst trying to remind us how great the 1988 version of My Bloody Valentine were.

this is very true. it sounds great! so far it seems they've only released one single, taste the trash, but i hope they're to release more soon, cos i want more! i'll be keeping my eyes on them.

listen to them on myspace (4 songs).

what the hell. here's the video, too. why not. :)


sergio said...

don't know whether it's their strenght or their weakness, but.. they sound like they came from 15-20 years ago (to me it's a virtue, obviously..).
"taste the trash" is pretty good, but the other 3 songs on their myspace are even better!! "flesh and blood" and "bleed a kiss" are awesome, and "deflowers" is MBV as played by some baggy uk late80/early90 band. cool!

jenny said...

so far i think it's strength. the do have their own take on the sound even though it's not new and fresh. i really hope to hear more from them!