Friday, December 12, 2008

some more cranes songs

here's some proper videos by cranes. alison shaw has such a beautiful voice, and i love how the sound is so dreamy. cranes is the perfect band to listen to when it's dark and you hide under your covers and you can't sleep.

"beautiful friend" from loved (1994). here's also another great song from that album, "shining road".

"tomorrow's tears" from wings of joy (1991). also from that album is "adoration", yet a beautiful song, found here.

"inescapable" that was a bonus track/ep released during the wings of joy era.

"jewel" from forever (1993), although the video/single version of the song sounds a bit different than it does on the record. according to allmusic it's because robert smith remixed it. not surprising considering the cure brought cranes as their opening act on their '92 world tour.

"everywhere", also from forever.

cranes still releases albums, the last of which is self-titled and came out in october of this year. but i haven't heard it yet. i'm mostly in love with the music they made in the 90s and there's a huge nostalgia button that gets pushed in me whenever i hear their songs. a lot of their greatest songs can be found on their 2-cd ep collection, vols 1-2, so pick it up.


no need to argue said...

Sounds very nice. I'm gonna try to get some tunes and lissten some more.
So thanks for letting me know. ;)


jenny said...

you're welcome!

(jag har mycket om du vill kopiera.. :) )

no need to argue said...

ooh! That would be nice, specially since I haven't had any luck in finding that much. :(

sergio said...

oh my..
how many times I let my body float on their notes..
(I had only "forever" and "wings of joy", actually. I remember I listened to "loved", at someone's house)
One of my 90s regret is.. arriving late at Sonoria festival in Milan '95 (thanks to italian trains..). while we were approaching the site of the festival (mud, mud and.. rain like a monsoon. I still have the photos) we heared the cranes playing. when we entered the gates they had just finished their set.
The Cure were the headliners, obviously.
oh my..

jenny said...

annso, i fix :)

sergio, that sounds cruel! i've never seen them either, unfortunately.