Monday, December 8, 2008

my time in america pt 2

it's a fact that i enjoy food a bit too much for my own good. good food. i'm not a fast food junkie, i'm a good food junkie. and i don't eat meat. so, with little more knowledge than your average european about american food culture (meat, fast food, large portions, obesity) i have to admit i worried a little bit about how i was going to be fed my two weeks over there.

let me tell you, the worrying was totally uncalled for. although they do seem to have more preservatives and salt in their pre-prepared food than here in sweden, pretty much everything i ate was enjoyable. here's a top 5 list, starting with a taste orgasm;

1. coffee milk shake and salmon burger at blt burgers in las vegas. this milkshake is to die for! now i totally get the conversation in pulp fiction about the $5 shake (although if i remember correctly, this shake was $6, but inflation hits even $5 shakes). the burger was also great.

yes! it was this good! i swear!

2. sweet potato cannelloni at the red rock in park city, utah. O. M. F. G!

3. dave's mom & husband's delicious salad with homegrown vegetables and japanese pears (i hope i'm getting this right, i was too busy enjoying it to really pay attention).

4. arby's mozzarella cheese sticks. i may not be a fast food junkie, but i am a cheese junkie, especially mozzarella.

5. the cheesecake factory's pumpkin cheesecake. i mean, just look at it!

honorary mention: kate's homemade butter nut squash soup was great! and it was my first encounter with butter nut squash, which is always exciting.


Dave said...

i'm surprised the mozzarella sticks placed so low! although i'm not surprised they were below the coffee milkshake. :)

sergio said...

pics! pics!! we need pics!
when I travel I use to take pictures of (almost) everything I eat.
I mean.. where are arby's mozzarella cheese sticks? and the sweet potato cannelloni? and the japanese pears???
however.. if you like mozzarella and cheese, you SHOULD come to Italy.

Ondtomten said...

the milkshake orgasm pic is almost as funny as the crazy hamburger pic :D

jenny said...

dave - i know, but i think i contained my excitement for the cannelloni a bit. i felt light headed, it had been a long day, sarah was there. and the sallad; it didn't really hit me until i came home and did my own salad, and boy was that a disappointment. give my best to them, will you?

sergio - stay tuned! and, i know! i've been to italy once and believe me, i'm coming back :)